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The only examination that recognises the existing skills of a professional Tour Manager and confers a prestigious university qualification.


What is the purpose of the examination?

The purpose of the CTM examination is to assess a Tour Manager's knowledge, skills and working practices, and to certify that he or she has reached a high level of competence.


Who can sit the examination?

To sit the CTM examination you must be an Active (Tour Manager) member of IATM. Those who pass the examination become IATM Certified Tour Managers and may use the letters CTM after their names. It is important to note that this is NOT an examination for those who wish to become Tour Managers. Those wishing to enter the profession should enquire of their local Travel Industry authorities or write directly to Tour Operators who may provide training. 


Who certifies the qualification?

CTM examinations are held under the auspices of a recognized Tourism educational institute. It is important that the examination be of a high standard and that the qualification gained be regarded as a high and worthy one.


What are the benefits?

  • Personal recognition of your qualifications as a professional TM
  • The CTM may help you find work as it shows a commitment to your profession
  • This certification may become the standard for the whole profession
  • As the movement to paper-based qualifications grows it offers proof of eligibility to work as a TM


Is it compulsory?

No. It is not a compulsory scheme and IATM Tour Managers are free to choose whether or not to sit the examination. From the point of view of the Tour Operator, this will not in any way impinge on their right to choose whomsoever they wish to conduct tours. However, we encourage certification as a desirable qualification for members of IATM to achieve.


I am interested. What do I do next?

Tour Managers who wish to sit the examination can begin to study and prepare now by obtaining a copy of the CTM Study Manual from the IATM Central Office. The Manual costs £20 (UK and Europe) or £25 (outside Europe) including postage.


Certificate of Tour Management

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How much will the examination cost?

There is a fee of £180 to sit the examination, but those who have already purchased the CTM Study
Manual pay only £160.


What form does the examination take?

The examination is in two parts:

  1. A written examination
  2. An oral examination before a panel made up of representatives of:
    • The teaching staff of Breda College
    • Management of a coach operator
    • Tour Operators
    • Board of IATM


When is the next CTM examination?

Please see our Events page, or contact IATM.

With the increasing tendency of the European Union and other national legislatures to require Tour Operators to pay closer attention to consumer interests, IATM intends to play its part in raising the standards of service provided by Tour Managers to their Tour Operator and to the travelling Public.