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21 October 2014 - British Region Autumn Meeting

British Region Autumn Meeting, 1.30pm, Wednesday 5th November at the Freemasons Arms.

15 October 2014 - Groups stopping at Schwanenplatz, Lucerne

During construction work there are temporary arrangements for buses stopping at Schwanenplatz in Lucerne.

13 October 2014 - Mobile bookings continue to grow

Bookings through smartphones and tablets represent the biggest part of the growth in the online travel sector globall (Tourism Review).

03 October 2014 - Following the Belgian Front Line of 1914

On 17 October a major interactive event called Lichtfront will follow the line of the Belgian Front as it existed in October 1914

24 September 2014 - Trafalgar to add smaller tours in 2015

Trafalgar Tours has announced 11 new tours for smaller groups in 2015.

16 September 2014 - Hotel tax to impact Rome bookings

Rome is now the most expensive destination in Europe and this is expected to  impact the number of visitors.

15 September 2014 - British Region Bulletin

Members may now log-in to read the latest British Region Bulletin.

09 September 2014 - Schönefeld airport Berlin

Berlin: As one of Europe's short haul weekend favourites with 1.18 million British visitors in 2013, there are many "no-frills" flights available, and most of these use Schönefeld Airport, a 45 minute ride by rail from the centre. However the airport lies just out side AB zone, A ticket to zone C is €3.20, only 60 cents more expensive than AB. If you are caught without the correct ticket there is an on-the-spot fine of €40. Signs in English are not readily visible.

22 July 2014 - World War 1

Marking the centenary of WWI the Commonwwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) has set up special website pages with vast amounts of information on events and topics.

15 July 2014 - Change of free entry policy for Italian museums

Free admission to Italian museums for over 65's, which had benefitted over a third of visitors, has been withdrawn (Tourism Review).

07 July 2014 - Cheaper travel insurance for EU members

IATM members resident in EU States are reminded that Citybond offers a discount for travel insurance. Click the link above for further information. (Member log-in required).

01 July 2014 - Cheaper roaming in the EU

From today roaming charges in EU countries have been cut in half ahead of plans to scrap them completely (BBC).

01 July 2014 - Vladslo German War Cemetery

Read more about the final resting place in Belgium of over 25,000 German soldiers from WWI.

19 May 2014 - IATM Convention 2015

The destination for the 2015 IATM Convention will be East Coast USA. The dates are 15-24 January, 2015 from Washington to New York via Philadelphia and Atlantic City, with a possible extra two days in Newport to attend the ITMI Syposium and on to Boston. Watch this space for further details!

14 April 2014 - be careful how you use your hands!

The hand sign that is a friendly gesture in your country may start a fist fight in another...

04 April 2014 - Good news for EU mobile phone users

The EU plans to scrap mobile phone roaming charges by December 2015.

17 March 2014 - EU to restrict air passenger rights?

EU Member States are considering whether to greatly restrict air passengers' rights to compensation for cancellation or delay.

04 October 2013 - Passport validity in Europe

Effective 19 July 2013, some European countries will be implementing a requirement for all passports issued by non-EEA (European Economic Area) countries to be valid for 3 months beyond the period of intended stay. British and Swiss passport holders, plus other EEA nationals, may continue to enter these countries with passports that are valid on arrival.

 27 July 2012 - WTTC - "Travel and Tourism accounts for 1 in 12 jobs on the planet"

G20 leaders have for the first time recognized the importance of Travel and Tourism to the world economy.

27 April 2012 - Trafalgar says TMs are 'No. 1 element' in group travel

In a debate with Globus over marketing strategy, President of Trafalger, Paul Wiseman, says that the No. 1 element in group travel is a professional travel director. Read the full article by clicking the above link (travelweekly.com).

12 November  2007 - IATM Board makes statement on employment status of TMs.

At a meeting of the IATM board of directors held in London, 9-11 November, 2007, the board made an important statement of policy regarding the employment status of Tour Managers.

08 November 2004 - IATM Policy on GVI Class Action

A meeting of the IATM Board of Directors held 5-7 November, 2004, considered the implications of the recent GVI Class Action. A policy statement was agreed stressing the desire of Tour Managers to retain their freelance (independent contractor) status and encouraging Tour Operators to give greater recognition and value to their Tour Managers.